SERICY – the digitalization and development platform for medium-sized businesses. Easy. Open. Secure.

No matter whether you are a production company or a machine manufacturer – if you want to survive the global competition, you have to digitalize your production and supply chain.

However, medium-sized companies in particular still avoid tackling from this challenge. They fear the effort and costs of developing their own solution and they don’t want to reveal valuable proprietary knowledge to external providers.

With our SERICY digitalization platform, we now give SMEs the perfect solution to overcome these hurdles.

See how quickly and easily you can digitalize your machines and processes yourself.

SERICY, a modular IIoT platform, enables you to digitalize your production and supply chain yourself within a very short time:

With a preconfigured IIoT platform that enables your processes and machines to be digitally networked – out of the box. With an innovative development environment that can be adapted to all present and future individual requirements. And with the security of not having to disclose any company knowledge. Briefly: easy, open and secure.



Create digital added value for machines and processes as fast as possible.


Large library with ready-to-use, flexible, reusable software modules.


Modular platform with preconfigured modules that can be combined as required.



Easily integrate existing and future systems and processes.


The platform is as scalable, adaptable and expandable as you could want.


All modules and services can be individually adapted and further developed.



Valuable process expertise stays inside the company.


Platform-independent deployment according to individual requirements.


The platform can be rolled out and updated without production downtime.

Find out what SERICY can give you now.

What does Easy, Open and Secure mean for your company? Check out the advantages in detail.Learn more

Fast results. Infinitely expandable. Perfect for medium-sized businesses.

Digitalize out of the box or develop individually – with SERICY, you can have both.

Network the entire production process digitally as quickly and efficiently as possible while remaining open to future developments: SERICY enables you to do just that – thanks to its flexible IT architecture and the unique combination of a preconfigured, modular digitalization platform with a flexible development environment.

Digitalize out of the box

The modular SERICY platform comprises 12 apps preconfigured for machine and plant construction. With these apps, machine builders and manufacturing companies can independently digitalize their production very fast and reliably control, monitor and optimize it. Many more apps are available on demand.

Development Environment
Develop it as you need it

With the optional development environment, the developers in your company are free to customize, enhance or redevelop apps and microservices themselves, as they wish, and can therefore integrate even highly complex processes individually, now or in the future.






Fast results

With own resources

Efficient due to standard modules

No production downtime

Development Environment

In-house development made easy

Flexible standard modules and tools

Hardware-oriented development

Open interfaces for maximum compatibility

Discover SERICY’s unique IT architecture.

Independent out-of-the-box digitalization, unlimited development – SERICY’s unique microservices architecture makes it all possible.Learn more

The simple adaptation of the modules using the development environment enabled enormous cost savings.

Matthias Rummel, Managing Director, Kaltenbach Group

Kaltenbach KKS 463 circular saw which was used for a SERICY digitalization solution.


The Kaltenbach Group relies on SERICY for the digitalization of its machine tools, such as the fully automatic universal circular saw KKS 463 NA. All process data was captured, processed and visualized in only one week. And none of this required any special knowledge.

Competitive advantages for machine builders and manufacturing companies.

User with SERICY running on a tablet in a production environement.

SERICY has been systematically designed to meet the requirements of machine builders and manufacturing companies from medium-sized businesses. It offers your company concrete advantages.

  • Digitalize out of the box
  • Reduce downtime
  • Easily develop new business models
  • Reduce time to market
  • Create maximum investment security
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Improve quality
  • Reduce maintenance and development costs
  • Increase security


Get to know SERICY live.

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