Digitize all processes.
Protect all business secrets.

From manufacturing companies to machine builders, anyone who wants to stay ahead of global competition has to tackle the digitization of production and supply chain.

The development of a digitization solution requires valuable resources and specific know-how. Using external third-party suppliers means that small and medium-sized enterprises in particular frequently have to face the risk of having to reveal business secrets to these partners.

SERICY – the IIoT platform with an integrated development engine.

For the first time, SERICY provides companies with the means of digitizing their processes and interfaces entirely independently while retaining full sovereignty over their data and company know-how.

Optimize all production processes. With the new autonomous IIoT platform.

What can SERICY do?
Find out more about SERICY.PLATFORM and SERICY.ENGINE. Download the SERICY brochure here and discover the possibilities of SERICY.

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Ready to meet
tomorrow's requirements.

Flexible digitization platform
Configure customized solutions quickly and flexibly with ready-made standard modules (apps) meeting industry standards.

Integrated development engine
Simply adapt available applications to individual requirements or develop your own app from scratch.

Comprehensive consulting
If required, use the know-how of our expert teams or benefit from our support.

Flexible standard modules that can be adapted quickly and easily for any company.

Customer-designed and developed applications and services in the integrated engine.

SERICY – the IIoT platform with an integrated development engine.

More Independence. More Productivity. More Efficiency.

The efficiency booster for production.

Perfect adaptation to individual requirements

All apps and microservices can be adapted individually to specific processes and requirements – extremely quickly, easily and cost-efficiently.

Optimization of production processes

Production processes can be sustainably optimized and improved on the basis of regular target-actual comparisons.

50–80% less development costs

Compared to conventional software development, the use of ready-made microservices, adaptable apps and the integrated development engine allows cost savings between 50 and 80%.

Ready for business models of the future

Access to relevant process or usage data and the safeguarding of data integrity by using blockchain technology enable data-driven business models, e.g. pay per use.

Maximum transparency and security

Continuous data analysis, reliable blockchain-based logging and comprehensive reporting provide a complete overview of all processes at all times.

Up to 50% less downtime

Thanks to predictive maintenance, SERICY can reduce maintenance costs by up to 30%. Predictive maintenance and unambiguous fault messages with precisely defined escalation processes reduce machine failures by at least 50%.

Minimized development times and costs

The flexible IT architecture based on reusable microservices reduces the development times for new apps to an absolute minimum. DevOps structures and a powerful CI/CD pipeline greatly accelerate the further development, adaptation and updating of existing apps.

Experience the SERICY.PLATFORM live.

Launch into your digital future. Discover the possibilities of SERICY.PLATFORM and SERICY.ENGINE and find out what potential you can leverage in your own company with SERICY. Sign up now for the 2-day practical workshop.

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Advantages for Manufacturing Companies and Machine Builders.

  • Boost Efficiency
  • Improve Quality
  • Increase Productivity
  • Enhance Security
  • Reduce Downtime
  • Develop new business models more easily
  • Reduce Time-To-Market
  • Create maximum security
Maximum flexibility:
High-performance apps in the SERICY.STORE

SERICY.STORE offers new marketing opportunities. The SERICY.STORE is a continuously growing marketplace for SERICY apps and microservices. Here it is not only possible to purchase suitable solutions, but also, as an app partner, to market them easily.

The software offered in the SERICY.STORE is developed either by Grenzebach digital or by certified app partners and can also be adapted to individual requirements.

Become an App Partner in the SERICY.STORE now

Apps and microservices created for the SERICY.PLATFORM by certified app partners can be simply marketed in the SERICY.STORE and made available to all users for a license fee.

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“SERICY ensures consistent data transfer between machines, systems and interfaces. Along the value chain, all data can be collected in a structured manner, processed and used profitably.”

Dr. Clemens Weis,
CEO Grenzebach digital