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The benefits of SERICY at a glance.

This is how machine builders and manufacturing companies benefit from the digitalization platform.

Fast digitalization, unlimited expansion possibilities, optimized processes, protection of know-how and investments. The SERICY digitalization platform is specifically designed for machine builders and manufacturing companies from the SME sector and consequently offers customized competitive advantages.

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Generate digital added value quickly, easily and efficiently with SERICY.

Fast: Digitalize out of the box

The preconfigured out-of-the-box platform and the modular structure with ready-to-use apps minimize the time required for digitalization projects. Digital added value for machines and processes can usually be generated within a few weeks, sometimes even a few days.

Efficient: Cost-saving microservices architecture

The deployment of flexible and reusable software modules results in substantial development cost savings. Specific apps for the most important mechanical engineering and production processes are included in the SERICY libraries. And even the individual adaptation of apps and microservices can be carried out cost-efficiently by users themselves thanks to standardized software modules.

Simple: Digitalize on your own with standard modules

With the preconfigured platform, any company can get started out of the box. The modular structure and ready-to-use apps empower developers to implement powerful digitalization solutions even if they don’t have specific knowledge. And it’s possible to develop individual solutions in the development environment after only one training seminar.

The platform: Digitalize out of the box.

With the preconfigured SERICY platform, your developers can now implement digitalization projects much faster than before.Learn more

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Future-proof, flexible, tailor-made digitalization with SERICY.

Future-proof: Investment security through open interfaces

SERICY is consistently designed as an open solution for the future. Its flexible connectors allow connection to any machine, sensor or system. Consequently, SERICY is already able to ensure that future systems and processes can be integrated and thus offers maximum investment security.

Flexible: Unlimited scalability and expandability

Thanks to its modular microservices architecture, the platform is infinitely scalable, adaptable and expandable. You can add further preconfigured ready-to-use apps and microservices, adapt existing ones or develop your own modules from scratch.

Tailor-made: Adaptable for every machine and every process

All modules and services can be individually adapted and further developed using SERICY’s development environment. Standardized software modules make it particularly easy to create tailor-made individual solutions.

The development environment: Create individual solutions.

With SERICY’s optional development environment, you can customize apps and microservices to your requirements or develop them completely on your own. Learn more

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Protect valuable company knowledge and processes with SERICY.


Secure: Valuable corporate knowledge stays inside the company

SERICY can be implemented, adapted and further developed by your own development teams without complex special knowledge. The entire digitalization platform can be hosted on-site or in your private cloud. This ensures that no valuable company knowledge has to be disclosed to third parties.

Independent: Platform-independent deployment

SERICY uses a Docker- and Kubernetes-based microservices architecture and enables the deployment of the IIoT platform both on-site and in the cloud. Browser-based access enables fast, uncomplicated access from all devices.

Reliable: Fail-safe IT infrastructure

A powerful operating system provides the platform’s reliable, fail-safe IT infrastructure, into which all microservices and apps can be seamlessly integrated. Predictive maintenance and clear error messages minimize machine failures and downtime. Rollouts and updates can be carried out during operations without downtime.

Get digital added value with SERICY.

Successful digitalization with SERICY not only gives you competitive advantages, but also pays off financially, as effort and costs can be reduced significantly.

Up to 10% increase in productivity.

By accelerating processes at many different levels, SERICY leads to significant increases in productivity.

50% to 80% lower development costs.

Compared to conventional software development, the use of SERICY standard modules can save 50% to 80% of costs.

Up to 50% less downtime.

Predictive maintenance and clear malfunction messages with precisely defined escalation chains reduce machine failures by up to 50%.

Up to 30% lower maintenance costs.

With its predictive maintenance, SERICY can reduce maintenance costs by up to 30%.

Up to 20% faster time to market.

SERICY enables markedly faster development and manufacturing processes and thus reduces time to market by up to 20%.

The libraries: All apps, microservices and connectors at a glance.

The libraries contain all the apps, microservices and connectors available for SERICY.Go to Libraries

Get to know SERICY live.

We would be happy to show you in an individual consultation what advantages our IIoT platform offers your company. Arrange an appointment now.

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