Coronavirus: Choose the Right Digital Solution Now and Effectively Optimize Service Processes

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October 1, 2020

The export-oriented sector of mechanical and plant engineering is clearly feeling the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. The global market situation has a huge impact, with orders for many machine manufacturers declining in recent months. Nevertheless, if a customer does order a new machine entry restrictions and quarantine regulations often hinder the service staff carrying out crucial after-sales services.

However, this crisis also presents opportunities. Machine manufacturers that are now focussing on digital transformation in their companies are killing two birds with one stone: ensuring that vital business processes do not come to a standstill as a result of the pandemic while simultaneously reducing mounting digitization pressure, which many machine manufacturers were already struggling with before the crisis.

The implementation of digital service processes in mechanical and plant engineering is becoming increasingly important. How to benefit from smart remote support - now in our free guide!

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The Coronavirus Pandemic Poses Major Challenges for Support

The service of machine and plant manufacturers is being severely affected by the current restrictions. Whether a customer wants to commission a new system, solve an urgent problem or have a machine serviced – in analogue support, this means that a technician must travel to the production company and personally deal with the case on site.

Due to the current coronavirus measures, however, business trips often have to be cancelled. If support depends on in-person visits, these conditions make it difficult or even impossible to organize technical support for client companies. In turn, this has far-reaching implications for both the manufacturing company and the production company.

The following challenges arise for companies that rely on analogue service processes:

  • Technicians cannot travel to the machine location and service organization cannot be maintained.
  • The fast support of a service technician cannot be granted to the production company, which results in costly downtime.
  • Customers who cannot be provided with a service are switching to competitors that can guarantee them support here and now.
  • The interruptions in support damage the machine manufacturer’s reputation in the long term with losses to be expected, not least in maintenance and repair.

Especially now during the coronavirus crisis, it is paramount that machine manufacturers optimize their remote support in order to retain their customers and cope with the increasingly tough economic situation in the industry.

The solution: A digital service model that eliminates the obstacle of physical distance, keeps support up and running, and helps your business better prepare for a digital future.

Info graphics showing the Challenges for remote support during the pandemic.

Use Digital Remote Support to Solve Current Problems and Sustainably Optimize Your Service

Coronavirus crisis or not – the optimization of service processes through introducing a digital model offers lots of added value for your company in terms of quality, increased efficiency, customer loyalty and competitiveness. However, the advantages of a digital remote solution are now more apparent than ever.

Overcome distances and provide service

By using smart tools for digital service organization, complex maintenance activities, installations and commissioning of plant or machine parts can be carried out independently by the staff on site under the virtual guidance of an expert. The cooperation of the companies and specialists involved to resolve a service case is also guaranteed even if travel is not possible.

Increase efficiency and improve service quality

A digital service model enables real-time communication regardless of location. You also benefit from innovative tools such as Smart Glasses, which allow remote service staff to access the user’s view on site and even display helpful instructions in their field of vision. This way, your team can work irrespective of physical distances, can quickly connect with customers or experts and process service cases competently and without delay

Optimize your support and stand out from the competition

Your service processes are optimally adapted to contact prohibitions and travel restrictions by means of non-contact advice through digital remote support. Even beyond the current situation, the introduction of digital remote maintenance provides you with significant competitive advantages. For example, by reducing the number of on-site visits, you can achieve decisive savings and set yourself apart from your competitors by being able to provide high-quality support across national borders at all times.

The Coronavirus Is an Opportunity for Digitization – But it Should Be the Right Solution

For many machine and plant manufacturers, the coronavirus pandemic has signalled the dawn of digital remote maintenance. But even if you need to act quickly, you should not be tempted to purchase an application as a temporary solution or quick fix.

Play it safe by choosing the right digital application for your industry and company. In other words, go for a digital solution that can help you to overcome urgent challenges and that represents an investment in the future viability of your organization.

Criteria for choosing the right solution

Security requirements

Don’t make hasty decisions at the expense of your data security. The appropriate solution for your remote support meets the high data protection requirements such as encrypted connection during transfer and guarantees that sensitive data is not stored on public servers.


The investment into a digital tool only pays off in the long run if it does not work according to a one-size-fits-all pattern. Therefore, choose a smart remote solution that fits the particular conditions in your company and can be set up to meet your specific needs. Look out for the following things: the ability to select required functions, flexible investment options, e.g. through a subscription model, ease of use and compatibility with common platforms.

Future viability

The digitization of service processes such as maintenance, repair and commissioning is crucial to ensure greater efficiency and quality in support. However, to enable your processes to be modernized over the long run, you should not stop here. Rely on a digital remote solution that is integrated into a holistic digitization platform. This way, you have the option of digitizing additional business processes at a later stage.

The coronavirus crisis shows us how vital it is for machine and plant manufacturers to use digital solutions within the company and to be able to react flexibly to rapidly changing conditions. With the SERICY Collaboration App, you can now solve urgent challenges in remote support while simultaneously boosting your company’s efficiency and accelerating the digitization process.

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