Master the seven biggest challenges of digitalization in Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Grenzebach digital
July 2, 2020

Digital transformation has become a critical success factor for companies that want to remain competitive in the long term.

However, many medium-sized companies are still hesitant to initiate the "project" digitalization because they fear that they do not have the necessary resources and are not ready to meet the challenge.

The solution is SERICY. The open digitalization and development platform enables companies to digitalize their machines and processes particularly quickly and easily. SERICY was developed specifically for mechanical engineering and manufacturing companies from small and medium-sized enterprises and is designed to overcome the seven major hurdles of digitalization.

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Challenge No. 1: Develop future-proof solutions.

The SERICY solution: Unlimited scalability and compatibility.

SERICY was designed from the first development stage as a platform that is open for the future. With an IT architecture based on microservices, open interfaces and an innovative Machine Data Manager, SERICY ensures that all processes and machines from all manufacturers can be integrated in the future. SERICY grows with the requirements and the company. Thanks to its flexible architecture, the digitalization platform is in fact infinitely scalable.

Challenge No. 2: Disclosure of valuable company knowledge to third parties.

The SERICY solution: Perfect digitalization with your own resources.

Passing on process-relevant knowledge to external digitalization experts and software developers represents an unpredictable risk, not just in mechanical and plant engineering. For many small and medium-sized companies, however, this was until now the only way to implement their own goals during the planned digitalization process.

Challenge No. 3: Lack of developer resources.

The SERICY solution: Preconfigured out-of-the-box platform.

Full order books and the focus on processing them tie up valuable developer resources in many companies and lead to bottlenecks in the development of new applications. The result is often missing one's own innovation goals and thus a weakening of one's own market position.

SERICY offers a preconfigured platform with 12 ready-to-use apps specifically designed for mechanical and plant engineering. With the help of this platform, development teams can realize the digitalization of machines and processes out-of-the-box and start digitalization themselves without huge development efforts. At the same time, the integrated development environment and the consistent reuse of existing and newly developed miocroservices also help to significantly increase efficiency in software development. Existing capacities can therefore be used much more efficiently.

Challenge No. 4: Ensure investment security.

The SERICY solution: Future-oriented microservices architecture.

Insufficient scalability, limited potential or missing interfaces for new technologies - investments in software solutions can be uncertain for many reasons. In any case, the fear of bad investments reduces the own innovation power.

SERICY ensures that all of the company's requirements are fully met in the future through a future-oriented microservices architecture. The innovative digitalization solution is infinitely scalable and, with open interfaces and flexible connectors, enables all machines, systems and processes to be linked - even in the future. SERICY thus provides you with a strong positioning in future markets and business models.

Challenge No. 5: Lack of digitalization know-how.

The SERICY solution: Reusable software blocks and developer support.

The complex digitalization of mechanical and plant engineering presents a major challenge to many developers and often leads to bottlenecks in qualified staff who can meet the company's own innovation needs.

SERICY offers the possibility to achieve fast results through its preconfigured, open software modules. With ready-made documentation, CI/CD pipelines and workshops consistently tailored to customer needs, Grenzebach digital's experts support your development teams every step of the way and also provide direct support when needed.

Challenge No. 6: Too long development periods.

The SERICY solution: Fast digitalization out-of-the-box.

When it comes to individual development of stand-alone digitalization solutions, the time factor also matters a lot. Many companies need fast solutions and see the risk of development times getting out of hand as a significant risk factor.

With its preconfigured out-of-the-box platform, SERICY enables the digital connectivity of machines and processes within a few weeks. With minimal development effort, customers can implement their own digitalization solution with the help of the integrated ready-to-use apps.

Challenge No. 7: Development costs.

The SERICY solution: Standardized, reusable building blocks.

The variety of machines, components, sensors and systems used in mechanical and plant engineering often requires the complex development of individual interfaces. The time and resources required for this can result in immense cost increases.

SERICY has an innovative Machine Data Manager that is able to process the data from all machines of all manufacturers and make it available in a uniform format for SERICY Apps. This means that all microservices and apps can be developed on the basis of standardized, reusable software modules, which noticeably reduces development costs at all levels.

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