SERICY libraries: Flexible software modules for your digitization tasks

Here you will find preconfigured microservices, apps and connectors that you can integrate immediately into your own development. Simply select the appropriate modules from the libraries and contact us.

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Quantum leap in digitization:
MDM – the Machine Data Manager.

If SERICY is anything, it’s fast. And the component underlying the extreme acceleration of all digitization tasks is included in the preconfigured platform: the Machine Data Manager (MDM). Thanks to a specially developed translator service, it is able to process data sent by different machines and translate it into a standardized format, which in turn can be processed by all apps and microservices.




With the preconfigured SERICY platform, your developers can now implement digitization projects much faster than before..

SERICY Microservices Library

gb-app-reporting-ui Reporting App UI
gb-identity-server-api Security Manager API
gb-rabbitmq-broker Common Rabbit for all Apps
gb-tools-cicd-lib Library of CI/CD-Tools
gb-taskboard-ui Taskboard Application UI
gb-apps-manager-api App Store Manager API
gb-pdf-generator-api Creating PDFs, e.g. in the Reporting App
gb-reporting-api Reporting App API
gb-taskboard-api Taskboard API
gb-security-management-ui Security Manager UI
gb-appstr-api Application Store API
gb-ng-core-lib NgCore Library
gb-processdata-ui Process Data Application UI
gb-app-machine-data-manager-api Machine Data Manager API
gb-machine-data-reader-api Reader API for Machine Data Manager
gb-adapters-ftp-server-target-api Emulating an FTP server and forwarding uploaded files to other API systems
gb-adapters-csv-reader-api Reading csv files into structured json files
gb-scheduled-jobs-api Job manager based on Quartz.NE
gb-excelgenerator-api API for automatic creation of Excel sheets, e.g. used in the Reporting App
gb-postgres-db Common database for all services
gb-serialization-binary-to-object-lib For dynamic (configurable) mapping between binary formatted data (from a PLC) and ExpandoObjects (or json)
gb-app-plc-gateway-api Exchanging variables (read-write) between the UI client and PLC (UDP adapter)
gb-machine-gateway-api Gateway to the Machine Data Manager
+91 weitere Microservices For your development
With SERICY’s optional development environment, you can customize apps and microservices to your requirements or develop them completely on your own.

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