SERICY is a unique combination of a preconfigured platform and a development environment.

The IIoT platform SERICY is consistently oriented toward the digitization requirements of medium-sized mechanical engineering and manufacturing companies.

By combining a preconfigured platform with a flexible development environment, mid-sized companies can successfully achieve results incredibly fast and with their own development teams. They can adapt their digitization solutions perfectly to their own requirements with their own resources, if necessary.

The platform: Out-of-the-box digitization without special knowledge.

Get started immediately. The modular platform comprises 12 apps, preconfigured for machine and plant construction, with which you can digitize your production as fast as possible and thus reliably monitor, control and optimize it.
Your advantages at a glance:

Extra-fast results
In-house developer resources freed up
Enhanced efficiency thanks to standard modules
No interruption of production
Valuable corporate knowledge stays in the company
With the preconfigured SERICY platform, your developers can now implement digitization projects much faster than before.

The development environment: Limitless possibilities for individual development.

If you chose, you will receive a complete development environment in which your own development teams can adapt, enhance or redevelop apps and microservices as desired – this allows even highly complex present or future processes to be integrated individually.
Your advantages at a glance:

Simple development with in-house teams
Flexible, standard modules and tools
Hardware-oriented development
Open interfaces for maximum compatibility with all systems
Valuable corporate knowledge stays inside the company
With SERICY’s optional development environment, you can customize apps and microservices to your requirements or develop them completely on your own.

SERICY’s strength: highly flexible IT architecture with microservices, apps and connectors.

Fast digitization, individual advancement.

The IIoT platform SERICY is based on a highly flexible microservices architecture, which both enables extra-fast digitization and guarantees maximum freedom in the development of tailor-made solutions.
Standardisierte, wiederverwendbare Microservices
Standardized, reusable microservices
form the basis for simple, fast development and adaptation of a wide range of different apps. The modular services can be delivered, scaled and combined as required.
Spezifische Apps
Specific apps
allow all the company’s processes to be mapped, controlled and monitored. The fully preconfigured apps from the SERICY libraries can be freely adapted and further developed. Individual apps can easily be developed from the flexible microservices.
Flexible Konnektoren
Flexible connectors
use open interfaces to ensure that every machine, every component and even higher-level ERP and CRM systems can be connected across systems and manufacturers.
The libraries contain all the apps, microservices and connectors available for SERICY.

SERICY offers maximum flexibility in deployment and access.

Platform-Independent Deployment
SERICY’s microservices architecture based on Docker and Kubernetes enables the deployment of the IIoT platform both on-site and in the cloud or private cloud. This platform-independent development offers the potential for tangible savings compared to conventional apps.
Einfacher Browserzugriff von allen Devices
Easy browser access from all devices
Access to the platform is simple and secure via browser – via either the local intranet or the Internet, depending on the type of deployment. Through this web-based front end, SERICY and the SERICY apps are available on all local and mobile devices.

With SERICY, you can connect all your systems, regardless of the manufacturer.

Flexible connectors to business systems
Information is exchanged and made usable thanks to perfect interaction with all higher-level ERP and CRM systems, including:
Flexible connectors to shopfloor systems
SERICY also provides maximum compatibility at the shopfloor level. With minimal effort, absolutely every machine, sensor and process can be seamlessly integrated.
Machine Connectors
Robot Connectors
Conveyor Connectors
AGV Connectors
Sensor Connectors

SERICY works with state-of-the-art technologies for maximum transparency and security.

Blockchain Technology
Secure access to relevant process or usage data and the assurance of data integrity using blockchain technology: This guarantees a very high level of security and enables data-driven business models such as pay-per-use.
Umfassende Data Analytics
Comprehensive Data Analytics
SERICY ensures a continuous data transfer between machines, systems and interfaces. Throughout the entire value-added chain, data can be recorded and processed in a structured manner and used profitably for process monitoring and further development.

Get to know SERICY live.

We would be happy to show you in an individual consultation what advantages our IIoT platform offers your company. Arrange an appointment now.
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