SERICY libraries: Flexible software modules for your digitalization tasks

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Quantum leap in digitalization:

MDM – the Machine Data Manager.

If SERICY is anything, it’s fast. And the component underlying the extreme acceleration of all digitalization tasks is included in the preconfigured platform: the Machine Data Manager (MDM). Thanks to a specially developed translator service, it is able to process data sent by different machines and translate it into a standardized format, which in turn can be processed by all apps and microservices.


SERICY Collaboration App Logo


The Collaboration App ensures smooth collaboration with customers across systems and departments.

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SERICY Process Data App Logo

Process Data

This app captures, processes and visualizes data from a wide variety of machines in real time, allowing opportunities for optimization to be successfully identified.

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SERICY Reporting App Logo


Creation of reports from the machine data of various data sources also on a historical basis.

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SERICY App Store Logo

App Store

Enables apps, microservices and connectors to be purchased, updated and deployed.

SERICY Security Manager Logo

Security Manager

Manages authentication and authorization for all apps and users.

SERICY Online Documentation App Logo

Online Documentation

Comprehensive digital administration of user manuals for all connected machines.

SERICY Maintenance Manager App Logo

Maintenance Manager

Monitors the maintenance status of all machines; plans and controls predictive maintenance.

SERICY Line Overview App Logo

Line Overview

Visualizes the entire production line and provides a real-time status overview.

SERICY Diagnostics App Logo


Efficient recording of error messages and diagnostic data for the relevant production processes and machines.

SERICY Knowledge Base Logo

Knowledge Base

The platform’s central, continuously updated knowledge database based on an internal Wiki.

SERICY Spare Parts Catalogue Logo

Spare Parts Catalogue

Digital spare parts catalog with search function for all connected machines.

SERICY Task Board App Logo

Task Board

Task manager to handle all tasks reported by machines and systems.

The platform: Digitalize out of the box.

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The development environment: Create individual solutions.

With SERICY’s optional development environment, you can customize apps and microservices to your requirements or develop them completely on your own. Learn more

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VDMA Whitepaper "Big Data"

Collecting information from industrial data and creating added value using the example of mechanical and plant engineering.

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SERICY featured in CVC News

Technical article about the advantages of an IIoT platform in production from the CVC newsletter 01/19.

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