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The Collaboration App ensures cross-company collaboration in a production environment managed by SERICY. For example, maintenance staff and production planners can exchange information on planned maintenance and plan the event together. Thanks to the extended range of functions, the Collaboration App is now also ideally suited to remote support.

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The integrated chat feature enables companies to distribute tasks and exchange photos and videos of the condition of the system in order to define maintenance requirements. The procurement department can reorder identified wear parts from suppliers directly from the app. If there is a malfunction, the employee on the production line opens a ticket for the service department, providing the service employee with a description of the malfunction - including the corresponding error messages and photo and/or video documentation of the malfunction.

The redlining function enables service technicians to provide customers with clear instructions when carrying out their work. Components can be marked in the live video stream to enable better understanding. This prevents any confusion and mistakes during execution.

With the help of the Collaboration App, staff can carry out complex maintenance activities, installations and commissioning of plant or machine parts independently on site. Sensitive files, such as records of recipe or process settings, are not stored on public servers as is the case with many other collaboration software solutions. Customers can either use Grenzebach’s infrastructure or run the service in their own data center or using a cloud provider of their choosing.

How We Use the Collaboration App at Grenzebach

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The customer service team at Grenzebach relies on the Collaboration App for remote support. Whether standalone or fully integrated into SERICY, Grenzebach is committed to providing the best possible support to customers when using systems and machines. For Florian Nagler, Head of Global Service Sales at Grenzebach, the focus is on improving interaction possibilities, especially through the redlining function.

App Structure

The Collaboration App consists of six microservices. The microservice notifications inform the recipient that a message has arrived from another user or application. The Security Manager controls the user and access rights across platforms to all other apps. In addition to the Security Manager, there is also the gb-action-recorder-api, which enables a seamless recording of network communication. A file server is used to store data such as documents in the Collaboration App. Finally, the microservice SERICY lib is used to integrate the app into SERICY.

The Benefits of the Collaboration App at a Glance:

Real-time Communication in Chat Rooms

Authorised users can exchange information in chat rooms across companies in real time.

Direct Contact Between Customers and the Service Department

The ability to contact us directly enables faster problem solving and immediate support, even remotely.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Direct collaboration with shortened communication channels leads to a noticeable increase in customer satisfaction.

Multi-Organisational Unit Support

Multi-organisational unit support is made possible via various chat rooms.

Notifications via SMS and Email

When dealing with problems, notifications can also be sent via SMS or email.

Santex and Grenzebach digital: Upgrade for SERICY

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The platform: Digitalize out of the box.

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Integrated SERICY Microservices:

The following microservices are available in the Collaboration App for use:

  • gb-scheduled-jobs-api
  • gb-identity-server-api
  • notifications
  • file server
  • gb-ng-core-lib
  • gb-action-recorder-api

The development environment: Create individual solutions.

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