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The task of the Process Data App is to receive, process and visualise real-time data received directly from the machine.

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There are no limits to the processing, visualisation and diversity of the data sent. For example, cycle and process times can be visualised in real time. The results obtained in this manner can be used to increase the efficiency of the machine. In addition, the Process Data App also facilitates machine operation, since the exact status of the machine is known at all times thanks to the data collected. This enables the machine operator to intervene quickly and purposefully in the respective process.

App Structure

The Process Data App shows users real-time data classified by location and the type of machine. The app consists of an angular frontend and uses the two microservices gb-identity-server-api and gb-app-machine-data-manager-api. The secure collaboration of the user interface and microservices is ensured by a JSON web token mechanism, which is taken over by a microservice of the identity server. The communication between the user interface and the Machine Data Manager is done via a RESTful API (retrieval of historical and qualitative data about the machine) and a full duplex communication channel with SignalR library. This way, real-time data can be assigned to each machine.

The Benefits of the Process Data App at a Glance:

Reliable Retrieval of Data From All Machines

Reliable retrieval of all machine data from the Machine Data Manager in real time.

Visualization of All Machine and Order Data

Visualization of all machine and job data in clear diagrams and tables.

The platform: Digitalize out of the box.

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Integrated SERICY Microservices:

The following microservices are available in the
Process Data App for use:

  • gb-app-machine-data-manager-api
  • gb-identity-server-api

The development environment: Create individual solutions.

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