The SERICY Reporting App generates comprehensive reports and provides in-depth analysis.

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The Reporting App is an application for creating and downloading reports based on incoming machine data and for sharing reports with other users on the platform.

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Users can quickly and easily select the desired series from existing data series (e.g. different motors within a machine) and also combine different data series with each other (e.g. current consumption of a motor and temperature). To ensure a quick graphic evaluation, the data series can be displayed in all known graphic formats. This way, you can easily identify lots of correlations in a rapid manner by using trend processes. It’s also possible to record regular production statistics, e.g. weekly reports on output and downtimes of different machines within a production area. The forwarding of reports to the relevant distribution list can also be controlled directly from the app.

App Structure

The Reporting App obtains its data from the data sources (applications) required for the report by calling up the corresponding GET endpoints exposed by the data sources. The data is then visually processed by the chartJS Library in diagrams and tables. To make the reports available to the user, the microservices schedule and notification are integrated later on. Based on the schedule used, you can create reports at fixed intervals and have them prepared as HTML, Excel or PDF files. Users receive a notification and a link to the reports.

The Benefits of the Reporting App at a Glance:

Flexible Merging of Data Sources

Data from different data sources can be flexibly combined into one report.

Cross-App Data Usage

Access to data from other apps is made possible, enabling the creation of reports about all relevant information within the platform.

Intuitive Configuration

Reports can be easily configured by the user without any programming effort.

Rapid Exchange of Reports

Exchanging reports with other users is particularly easy and fast.

Flexible Data Exports

The data export of the reports is possible in various formats (e.g. .xlsx, .pdf oder .html).

Reliable Planning

Simple planning and targeted distribution of reports to relevant users as soon as the reports are completely available (e.g. after a production shift).

The platform: Digitalize out of the box.

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Integrated SERICY Microservices:

The following microservices are available in the Reporting App for use:

  • schedule
  • identity server
  • notification

The development environment: Create individual solutions.

With SERICY’s optional development environment, you can customize apps and microservices to your requirements or develop them completely on your own. Learn more

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